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Tetsuya Endo

Transition Japan - Utsuroi

Devote to foreigners to Japan; especially to Gillian

Japan has been rapidly and significantly changing. As a reminiscence, I recorded Honshu in taking pictures from 2001 to 2003. This chronological photo collection represents the transition of seasons, of which subtle feeling 'mono no aware' is the Japanese spirituality. With very hard efforts driving Tohoku region to Chugoku as well as around my home in Sizuoka prefecture, I could barely find Japan-like sceneries which intrigued my sense of seasons. I was searching for the eternity of Japan, which should be common landscapes in countryside once everybody saw, only to find the artificially changed, ugly landscapes. I sometimes wanted veil my eyes in front of them and my eyes wandered into the space. So, what I grasped in 'utsuroi,' a sense of changing, is not only the transition of four seasons but also the transition of ages in Japan. Upon utterly transformed soil, I have been not watching at real landscapes but looking back on my life through lenses. I have been always changing seeking for not changing; sure, I myself was Utsuroi.
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■Tetsuya Endo Profile
Born in Shizuoka-prefecture, Japan, 1961. BA, Seikei University (Major: Cultural Science) in 1985.
As a copywriter (creative director) in the Japanese advertising industry for over 15 years, I have never been satisfied with and by compelling myself and others to sell and buy goods. Thus, I left Japan or its materialism for apparently nature-co-existing Canada, where as photographer finding that I can't be a Japanese without Asian background prompted me to settle in the Philippines. While challenging a new business by the slogan "Economy & Ecology, ECOH!," I have been looking for a publisher for this "Transition Japan" and also "A Man Goes to North."
1961年、静岡県生まれ。成蹊大学文学部文化学科卒。日本デザインセンター、東京グラフィックデザイナーズをはじめ広告企画制作業界でコピーライター、後クリエーティブディレクターとして15年以上務めるも、売れども売れども、買えども買えども満たされず。カメラを手にカナダ横断を往復するドライブで「アジアの日本人」でありそれ以外何者でもないアイデンティティを悟るとフィリピンに移住。"Economy & Ecology, ECOH!"をスローガンに新しいビジネスに挑戦しながら、この「Transition Japan」及び「A Man Goes to North」を上梓できる出版社を探している。

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