Looking for a life - winter(1)
Going after my dream, it always escapes from me. But, that might be the only way of our happiness. Also, I believe that in living in hell appears heaven as pleasure exists only in pains, for the one had sadness incomparably have happiness incomparably by the same degree. Now I can say so, but I only know this ambivalence in the process of my falling. Ironically, pursuing the illusions of advertising led me to the truth. I thoroughly spun off from ad world, my desire for the truth came back. What is the true life, though? Why was I fired? Why couldn't I continue my business? - What I could say is that ad industry is an absurd world. I was at a loss, only to find myself fishing at Lake Hamana again. I surely got into a cold and long winter.
December, 2002
December, 2002

I could confirm a ray of hope under the unbearable winter, far forward then, in January, 2003, in a touring to Chugoku. Along the coast line of the Japan Sea in Sanin looked most undeveloped in modern Japan. People never confessed their difficulty of lives to me, but rather were enthusiastic about environmental benefits for the hard nature is the very thing dramatically turns to their delights.
January, 2003
January, 2003

My mother was always dissatisfied with my occupation saying that I am not like superficial ad people for my seriousness. Having been so, I already came here to such an extent troubling her, as bad as my father, all the time. I owed what I had been to her, but I wanted my woman. I turned already 34, in 1995, and under 35 was definitely the last chance to change a career among Japanese companies, due to the Japanese seniority system. I wanted to wash my hands of advertising and to have a life which I can hold with my feet on the ground. I intended to work easy somewhere in Hamamatsu for the rest of my life.
While Japanese economy was sinking in a bottomless swamp, I commuted a job placement office of Hamamatsu and Lake Hamana for fishing by turns. No companies looked to be in good shape, and a variety of countless companies declined me before I finally found companies couldn't regard me as anyone except ad creator for my previous career, in spite of the fact that I am versatile in traits. Then, I thought, what kind of my experience can I utilise for my new job? - I may have to live with my creativity. If I were a publicity personnel in a company, unlike the susceptible ad companies I would be able to contribute to stably. - But, given Hamamatsu as factories city and also the recession, this prospect was all but dim. Now that I didn't persist in high salary, I wanted something I can truly serve the public.
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Born in Shizuoka-prefecture, Japan, 1961. BA, Seikei University (Major: Cultural Science) in 1985.
As a copywriter (creative director) in the Japanese advertising industry for over 15 years, I have never been satisfied with and by compelling myself and others to sell and buy goods. Thus, I left Japan or its materialism for apparently nature-co-existing Canada, where as photographer finding that I can't be a Japanese without Asian background prompted me to settle in the Philippines. While challenging a new business by the slogan "Economy & Ecology, ECOH!," I have been looking for a publisher for this "Transition Japan" and also "A Man Goes to North."
1961年、静岡県生まれ。成蹊大学文学部文化学科卒。日本デザインセンター、東京グラフィックデザイナーズをはじめ広告企画制作業界でコピーライター、後クリエーティブディレクターとして15年以上務めるも、売れども売れども、買えども買えども満たされず。カメラを手にカナダ横断を往復するドライブで「アジアの日本人」でありそれ以外何者でもないアイデンティティを悟るとフィリピンに移住。"Economy & Ecology, ECOH!"をスローガンに新しいビジネスに挑戦しながら、この「Transition Japan」及び「A Man Goes to North」を上梓できる出版社を探している。

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